Friday, March 13, 2015

Open Letter to Utah Gov. Herbert - 2nd Amendment Constitutional Carry

Gov. Herbert talks 2015 legislative session, says he will veto bill regarding concealed carry

KSL - Mar 22nd, 2018
Herbert said Utahns should not shy away from discussing solutions to gun violence, suggesting the state should discuss background checks, a bump stock ban, age restrictions, and other means to ensure safety in schools… Asked about a bill that failed in a House committee that would have allowed law enforcement to confiscate guns from people deemed violent or unstable, Herbert signaled his support for the bill.

Utah Governor Herbert regrets  ‘I’m Available Jones’ always available for money comment to lobbyists
 Herbert making the pitch to about two dozen lobbyists at a private social club in Salt Lake City last month. “However we want to do this - if we need to have multiple meetings or we sit down and talk and you give us a check later or before. Whatever you would like to do,” Herbertsaid, according to the recording. “I’ll just saying, I’m available. I’m Available Jones.”
The “Available Jones” comment is a reference to a character who was always available for a price 

We have no real property rights.
Think about it.
That house you live in, the car you drive, the small (or not so small) acreage of land that has been passed down through your family or that you scrimped and saved to acquire, whatever money you manage to keep in your bank account after the government and its cronies have taken their first and second and third cut…none of it is safe from the government’s greedy grasp.
At no point do you ever have any real ownership in anything other than the clothes on your back.
Everything else can be seized by the government under one pretext or another (civil asset forfeiture, unpaid taxes, eminent domain, public interest, etc.).
This is not a government that respects the rights of its citizenry or the law. Rather, this is a government that sells its citizens to the highest bidder and speaks to them in a language of force.
After all, the American dream is about gaining sovereignty over one’s life and property.
Without this sovereignty – this unshakeable guarantee of ownership and dominion, even over one’s own life – there can be no true liberty or freedom. 

Utah Governor declares LGBTQ+ youth thrive Day
(+ stand for peodophelia?)
Governor declares July 28 ‘LOVELOUD Day’ ahead of music festival
KSL - Jul 27th, 2018 --  SALT LAKE CITY – Gov. Gary Herbert declared July 28 “LOVELOUD Day” in Utah. Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox read the declaration at an event announcing a new LGBTQ+ resource center in Salt Lake City Friday. Stephenie Larsen, founder of Encircle, came up with the idea for a resource center in Provo two years ago. America to grow up LGBTQ,” …
Their mission, Larsen said, was to bring families together with the the community to help LGBTQ+ youth thrive. She said their LGBTQ+ resource center in Provo has served more than 8,400 people with 800 volunteers over the past year. On July 27, she announced a supporter had bought the organization houses in Salt Lake City and St. George to continue their mission.


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Your Choice for Utah’s CEO:
Johnson or Communist Herbert
Primary elections seldom offer many differences since candidates are from the same party.  Not this time.  Governor Herbert and I have different positions on many important issues.

Jesus Christ is the GREATEST Patriot Tax Protester that ever walked the earth…